Bill to strengthen Hajj and Umrah policies sent to President

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A bill to strengthen the policies for taking people for Hajj and Umrah has been drafted and sent to the office of the President of Maldives.


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The bill, drafted by the Attorney General’s Office, sets out the rules to be followed in taking people to Hajj, the procedures to be followed in issuing and revoking permits to companies that offer the service, and the services to be provided to pilgrims by such companies.

The draft of the bill has not yet been released. However, the Attorney General’s Office said the bill would also include the basic standards for companies to provide services and the policies for charging money from pilgrims.

The Attorney General’s Office said the bill also includes the responsibilities of the Islamic Ministry and the procedures for taking action against those who violate the rules and regulations.

A bill on strengthening Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage procedures comes in the wake of several cases of fraud by some companies. Some companies have taken millions in payment with the promise of sending people to Hajj and Umrah. While some have been prosecuted and punished in some of these cases, fraudulent extortion from some companies in the name of taking people for Hajj and Umrah is still reported.



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