Exclusive: Saudi Arabia Releases Statistics of 2019 Hajj Pilgrims

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Ambassador of Saudi to Nigeria Adnan Bin Mahmoud Bostaji


By Garba Muhammad in Mina, Saudi Arabia

About 2.5 million pilgrims performed this year’s Hajj exercise, the Saudi Arabian ambassador to Nigeria, Adnan Bin Mahmoud Bostaji has said.

Mr Bostaji, who gave the total number of pilgrims who attended Arafat on Saturday as computed by relevant authorities said 2, 489 ,406 performed the key Hajj ritual.

Speaking exclusively to Independent Hajj Reporters in Mina, Saudi Arabia on Sunday, the Saudi Ambassador said while
1,855,027 of the pilgrims are from outside the Kingdom, 634 ,379 pilgrims are from within the Kingdom.

He also said 67% of pilgrims from Saudi Arabia are non Saudis resident in the Kingdom.

According to the ambassador, the total number of pilgrims for this year increased by 117, 731 pilgrims which represents 4.96% compared to last year’s record of 2, 371 ,675 pilgrims.

He said the number of male pilgrims  as released by the authorities is 1, 385 ,234 pilgrims, while the number of female is 1, 104, 172.

“The number of pilgrims of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries is 31,884 pilgrims which is 2% percent, while the number of pilgrims from Arab countries outside the Gulf Cooperation Council countries is 414 ,750 pilgrims, or 22%.

According to the statistics, the number of pilgrims from Asian countries of non Arabic descent stood at 126, 633 pilgrims representing 61%.

Mr.  Bostaji  said African pilgrims from non Arab countries constituted 10 percent which represented 187,814 pilgrims.

“The number of pilgrims of European countries is 67,054 pilgrims which is 4%, while the number of pilgrims from North and South America and Australia is 26, 892 pilgrims which is 1%,” he stated.


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