French Reality TV Star converts to Islam, perform Umrah

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French Model and Reality TV star Marine El Himer announced her conversion to Islam and also posted from Makkah al-Mukarramah – the Holy City she visited to perform Umrah.

‘Happiest day of my life’

Sharing a number of photos and videos on Instagram from Makkah al- Mukarramah, Marine El Himer, wrote “this is the most momentous and happiest day of my life”.


“These moments mark the happiest day of my life”, she wrote on Instagram where she has more than 1.5 million followers.


“There are no words strong enough to express the intensity of happiness and emotions I’m experiencing right now”, she added.


“A spiritual journey that I hope will continue to uplift and guide me Inshallah”, she wrote.


“I can’t thank you enough for your valuable support and kindness. Many thanks to all of you!” she wrote.

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Marine El Himer posted the photos and videos two days after she announced she had accepted Islam.

In the photos and videos, she is seen touching the walls of Holy Kaaba, reciting the Holy Quran with French Translation, kissing Maqam e Ibrahim and performing Tawaf – circumambulation, of the Holy Kaaba.


In one video, Himer dressed in Ihram performing Saee on mountains of Safa and Marwah.


According to French media, Himer grew up with her stepfather, made some researches about her real father and where they originally came from for a long time, and met Islam during this period.


In a report Morocco World News said Himer had obtained Moroccan nationality in September and declared herself a “proud Moroccan citizen”.


Choice of soul, heart and reason

The popular influencer, who featured on reality television Show Les Princes et les Princess de l’Amour (The princes and princesses of love) in France, said that her conversion to Islam “was a choice of soul, heart, and reason.”

“There are roads you have to take alone. No friends, no family, no partner Just you and Allah. Some of you may know but many are still wondering, and although I’m quite reserved, I never made it official, I converted to Islam months ago”, Himer wrote on Instagram three days ago.


The post is tagged with video in which she is seen proclaiming Shahadah – There is no God but Allah and Mohammed (peace be upon him) is Allah’s Messenger.


“It was a choice of soul, heart and reason, a choice that was evident to me and I freely and proudly practice.

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“Know this, and this is the bottom of my message, there is no shame in converting to another religion of any kind. This is a fundamental right that everyone should be able to exercise freely”, she wrote addressing her fans on Instagram.


“Many have noticed, this past year has been marked by change. Indeed, I have evolved a lot, reviewed my sense of priorities and rethought some life choices whether professional or personal. Thank you to everyone that appreciates or at least respects it”, she added.

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