Hajj 2021: India to commence Airlift of Pilgrims on June 26, Increases Hajj fare

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The Indian government has given permission for the Hajj pilgrimage, and the first flight for the holy pilgrimage starts on June 26. The Hajj Committee of India has already announced the Haj Action Plan 2021 on Thursday.

However, this year the plan for the Hajj pilgrimage had to be tweaked a bit due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Hajj pilgrims from India who will be allowed to travel to Saudi Arabia will be selected through the lottery in January and in July.

This time only people who fall between the 18-65 age group will be allowed to perform Haj this year.

Those who want to travel to Saudi Arabia for the holy pilgrimage will have to fill the Haj application form, The forms will be available from November 7.
The last for the submission of the form is December 10.

If the application forms submitted exceed the required quota, then in January 2021, lottery will be taken out and the passengers will be selected.

Meanwhile, the expenditure for the Hajj pilgrimage has also increased. The selected pilgrims have to make a deposit of one lakh 50 thousand by March 2021 as a first installment instead of the earlier expenditure of Rs 81,000.

However, the Hajj Committee has not yet announced the total Hajj expenditure.

The pilgrims will start to depart from this country from June 26, and the last flight will leave from India on July 13.

It is to be noted that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Haj 2020 could not take place.

This year, Hajj will be held on July 30 and the return of the pilgrims will start from August 14.

For the Muslim community, hajj retraces the last steps of the Prophet Mohammed and also honours the prophets Abraham and Ishmael.

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