Hajj 2021: Saudi Arabia issue temporary work permits for Citizen, residents to work in Holy sites

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The Saudi “Human Resources” issues a decision to serve temporary work during the Hajj season through “Ajir”




The Saudi Arabia Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development issued a decision for Saudis and residents wishing to work during the Hajj season in the holy rites to obtain a work permit (Hajj hired) through the Ajeer program.



The ministry added, according to a statement today, Wednesday, that it provides this year the service of a work permit for the Hajj season, as the permit allows establishments operating during the Hajj season to issue permits for their workers in the holy sites and to employ Saudis and expatriates temporarily to cover their needs during the season.



The Ministry stressed the need to meet the health requirements of Covid 19 for those wishing to work for the Hajj season, as it is required that he be immunized or within the categories of the immunized (first dose immunized – two doses immunized – vaccinated recovering), in addition to the applicant being free of chronic diseases.



The Ajeer program seeks to enhance flexibility and mobility with regard to the workforce in the Saudi market in order to cover the needs of establishments and raise the productivity and effectiveness of the workforce in the market. It aims to provide flexible solutions to business owners, transfer knowledge within the Saudi labor market, as well as reduce dependence on external recruitment. In addition to raising the level of efficiency and productivity of the workforce.


The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced Rules for participating in Hajj for the year 2021, This is in light of the continuing developments of the emerging corona virus (Covid 19) pandemic and the emergence of new mutations.


The Kingdom restricted the performance of Hajj last year to Saudi citizens and residents, and did not receive any pilgrims from abroad due to Corona.



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