Hajj 2022: British Hajj and Umrah Council partners WHUC, adopts 9 point support plan for UK Pilgrims

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The British Hajj and Umrah Council has in collaboration with the World Hajj and Umrah Convention has adopted a nine point support plan for United Kingdom pilgrims travelling for Hajj 2022.


Authorities in Saudi Arabia has introduced new measures allowing pilgrims from the #UK, #US and others to apply for #Hajj 2022 online through a Mutawif platform.


It is in this regard that the #BHUC decided to work with @WHUC to provide needed support to intending pilgrims from the UK.


Some of the adopted points include training for intending pilgrims across 20 cities in the UK, enlightenment, airport supports as well as appointment of coordinators to aid pilgrims while in Saudi Arabia.


The two bodies issued a press statement giving details of the strategies to be adopted and is presented below:




15th of June 2022

National Support of British Hajj Pilgrims for Hajj 2022 – British Hajj and Umrah Council & WHUC Foundation


The British Hajj and Umrah Council www.bhuc.org, the pre-eminent National British Hajj and Umrah Umbrella Organisation, working alongside the World Hajj and Umrah Care Foundation shall be leading the change strategy in British pilgrim welfare within the United Kingdom and supporting where required in Saudi Arabia; adopting a supporting role to Saudi and UK based organisations involved in the Hajj pilgrimage process.


The World Hajj and Umrah Care Foundation and its affiliated support organisations are formally engaged with the Saudi based “Motawif” organisation, jointly developing care initiatives to support and enrich the pilgrim experiences in UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, and Australia. Together we are working to ensure the international community adds compassion and familiarisation throughout the pilgrims’ journey. We are pleased to work closely with “Motawif”, www.motawif.com.sa and look to have familiar faces, from various organisation be visible during Hajj, under the Umbrella of the British Hajj and Umrah Council.


An eight-point strategy has been developed by the executives of the British Hajj and Umrah Council, ensuring pilgrim needs are met and kept to the highest service standards both here in the United Kingdom and in Saudi Arabia, especially during this transitionary phase. A paradigm shift in pilgrim enlistment and service management has been introduced in-order-to standardise services and practices, addressing the core challenges for observing pilgrimage under pandemic conditions. The WHUC Foundation’s – Hajj Under Pandemic Conditions report can be found on www.whucfoundation.org, insights.


We can confidently report that “Motawif” have experienced ground support teams, who are well prepared in serving all the pilgrims needs from point of arrival, throughout the Hajj journey up till pilgrim safe departure to their home countries.


The nine-point support plan includes:

  1. National Hajj Training Program in 20 Cities across the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, led by the British Hajj and Umrah Council in cooperation with the local Muslim community. Commencing on the 19th of June 2022
  2. Pro-active supporting PR, media and institutional engagement through-out the full cycle of the pilgrim journey.
  3. Coordination with the National Pilgrimage Organisers Association (NPOA), channeling the organisations agent member expertise and experience, continuing to guide, selecting pilgrims as on-going service commitment of industry goodwill. 4. Airport Farewell Engagement at London Heathrow and Manchester Airport shall be provided by the UK & European Hajj Co-operation (UKEHC), ensuring support coordination is provided to UK Hajj pilgrims prior to departure.
  4. The British Hajj and Umrah Council – Hajj Delegation, intends to provide general support and be available to monitor the pilgrims

journey and overall experience, observing what went well and what could be improved for future Hajj pilgrimages, producing supportive reference documents for decisions makers to benefit from.

  1. Recruitment of local community Imams, to support pilgrims with spiritual and Hajj guidance in Saudi Arabia
  2. Online training and support center for British Pilgrims.
  3. Appointing a special coordination committee to work closely with the Saudi Authorities and agencies including the Saudi Embassy, Ministry of Hajj and Umrah and Motawif.
  4. Producing the Pilgrim Support and Care document, address all the questions and concerns pilgrims share with a detailed question and answer document to be produced in conjunction with motawif.com.sa


Media Enquiries: Contact – PR, Media & Communications Officer: Mr. Farhan – farhan


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