Hajj 2023: Pakistan mission set up Medial helplines to aid pilgrims

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  • So far, 5,500 Pakistani pilgrims have arrived in Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj pilgrimage
  • The Hajj mission has also shared contact numbers for pilgrims to register any complaints

The Pakistan Hajj mission has established a toll-free helpline in Saudi Arabia to facilitate, provide information to pilgrims and ensure their convenience during the Hajj pilgrimage, Pakistani state media reported on Thursday.

Hajj is an obligatory religious ritual for adult Muslims who are physically and financially capable of carrying it out. It involves visiting the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah at least once in a lifetime and takes place during the last month of the lunar Islamic calendar called Dhu Al-Hijjah.

Saudi Arabia reinstated Pakistan’s pre-pandemic Hajj quota of 179,210 pilgrims and scrapped the upper age limit of 65 in January. About 80,000 Pakistani pilgrims are expected to perform the pilgrimage under the government scheme this year, and the rest will be facilitated by private tour operators.

Pakistani pilgrims in the Kingdom can now reach out to authorities via helpline 800-11 666 22 for any information, the state-run Radio Pakistan broadcaster reported.

“Pilgrims who have complaints can reach out to the deputy director Hajj at the following contact numbers; 059 400 2928 and 014 827 0660,” the report read, citing the country’s Hajj mission.

“Similarly, the main control office can be contacted at 014 825 0780 and 014 824 3740.”

For arrival and departure matters, Pakistani pilgrims may contact at 014 827 6248, whereas 014 823 0104 or 014 825 0782 can be dialed to reach the Pakistan House hospital, according to the mission.

Pilgrims can also reach dispensaries set up for them on the following numbers:

Dispensary B 014 819 6210

Dispensary C 014 819 2022

Dispensary D 014 829 2899

Meanwhile, the Hajj flight operation continues in full swing and so far, more than 5,500 Pakistani pilgrims have reached Madinah, according to Pakistani ministry of religious affairs.

The flight operation will continue until June 21.


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