Hajj 2024: Indonesia Airline to deploy 14 wide-body aircraft to airlift 109,000 pilgrims

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Garuda Indonesia Airline has prepared a fleet of 14 aircraft to serve the candidates pilgrims from Indonesia during this year’s Hajj season, which runs from May 12 to July 21, 2024. In total, the fleet will transport 109,072 passengers.

Indonesian presidential director Garuda Irfaniaputra said potential pilgrims would later be divided into 294 flying groups (kloters). They will depart from 9 destinations, namely: Banda Aceh, Medan, Padang, Jakarta-Pondok Gede, Solo, Banjarmasin, Balikpapan, Makassar and Lombok. The type of aircraft to be used is a wide-body aircraft or wide body individual A330-300 and B777-300ER.

Irfan said, Ph.D pilgrims will depart in stages from May 12 to June 10, 2024, with departures to Medina May 12-23, 2024 and Jeddah departures May 24-June 10, 2024. Meanwhile, the return phase of the pilgrims will begin from June 22 to July 21, 2024.

“To increase the value of this year’s Hajj flights, Garuda Indonesia will introduce entertainment on board “Islamic nuances and food offerings adapted to the typical boarding area menu,” Irfan said in an official statement quoted on Friday, February 23, 2024.

Irfan confirmed that various notes on the performance of Hajj air services during last year’s Hajj season focused on improving Garuda Indonesia’s services. According to him, one of the main priorities Garuda Indonesia – to provide safe and comfortable Hajj flight services for elderly pilgrims and those who rarely or never made long-distance flights.

Director General of the Hajj and Umrah Organization of the Indonesian Ministry of Religion, Hilman Latief, said that according to statistics, the number of elderly Hajj pilgrims in 2024 will increase compared to the previous year, namely more than 45,000 future elderly pilgrims.

Hillman also said his party is working with Saudi Arabia’s immigration service this year to launch a service fast way immigration in 2 cities. Later, the Garuda Indonesia community in Solo will be able to enjoy the service fast way in.

FYI, Indonesia has a Hajj quota of 241,000 people in 2024. The departure of Indonesian pilgrims to Saudi Arabia will be carried out in two waves.

The first wave of pilgrims will depart from Indonesia to Amir Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz International Airport (AMAA) in Madinah from May 12 to 23, 2024. In the second wave, pilgrims will leave Indonesia for King Abdul Aziz International Airport (KAAIA). in the city of Jeddah from May 21 to June 1, 2024.

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