How I performed Hajj 2020 free of charge – Indonesian pilgrim

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Hajj 2020 was exceptional, not in terms of the global Corona virus crisis or the great efforts made by the Ministries of Hajj and Health, nor on the limited number of pilgrims compared to other years, rather, with stories that were not told; Each pilgrim has a different and distinct story, whether in acceptance, circumstance, or feelings.

Farida or (Ata) as her friends from her country, Indonesia called her, came to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to the province of Khobar specifically with her young family (her husband and children) in January of last year.

Farida did not think that she would make the Hajj this year, it was just a fantasy; Because she had permanently leave the Kingdom, despite her husband’s keenness to stay and reside.

Shortly before departure

Before the end the story began, a call from her friend urged her to apply for this year’s Hajj; However, with desperate hope, she believed that her acceptance was beyond all expectations, but she proceeded to apply.

On the fifteenth of July, she received a phone call, the text of which was hello Farida, congratulations to you. You were accepted to perform the Hajj this year for free, despite a unique enthusiasm and the dispersion of her thoughts and contradictions that the matter was nothing more than a joke, but the caller reassured her that everything is real. Not fiction.

Documents were prepared for her and she was checked for health without complications, then she went alone to Hajj, as Farida used to say.

“It is unbelievable, something beyond imagination, one of God’s great and priceless graces.” “I am here and everything is real.”

Farida adds: “What am I supposed to say about this Hajj? Everything was exceptional, from the introduction to the performance of the rituals, and everything was super-organized, before leaving we were examined to make sure of our safety, and we were given a bracelet to achieve separation, and very strict teachings, and I support it; In the end, this is the concern of those in charge of our health. I thank them very much for that. ”

And here I am …; Everything is real and surpasses what I had dreamed of, and the truth is more beautiful and even beyond imagination, full of emotions for me, it is a spiritual experience that cannot be repeated elsewhere.

The Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, was here, the Companions were also here, and at this moment I am also here in the same place on the pure level of Arafat.

Here I wish to return to the Kingdom, I live with my large family, I support and support them.

And she adds in a grumpy voice and tears that have not stopped; “It is sad to leave this country, but I hope to always return

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