India opens Hajj 2022 applications for people above 70 years

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The Haj Committee of India has abolished the upper age limit for applicants. Under this, applicants who have not previously gone to Haj through the committee or private tour, as well as who are 70 years or more as of May 31, 2022, can apply in the reserved category with one of their associates.


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Importantly, elderly people above 70 years of age cannot apply in the reserved category alone. Two 70-year-old applicants with two associates can apply in one cover. If the application of an applicant above 70 years of age is rejected due to any reason, then the application of his colleague will be considered cancelled automatically.



According to Rahul Gupta, secretary and executive officer of Uttar Pradesh State Haj Committee, only husband-wife, brother-sister, boy-girl, grandson-granddaughter, grandson-granddaughter, grandson-granddaughter, Son-in-law-daughter-in-law, nephew-niece, nephew-niece can be taken along. State Haj Committee has issued detailed guidelines on this.



Significantly, in view of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Haj process will be completed according to the special standards, rules, eligibility criteria, age restrictions, and health-related requirements and protocol issued by the Saudi Arabian government from the time of Haj application to completion of the pilgrimage.

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Elderly people are most happy with the Haj Committee of India removing the age requirement for applicants. 68-year-old Mohammed Yusuf said that last year he could not go due to the cancellation of the Haj pilgrimage amid Covid-19. “I was very disappointed with the ban on Haj for people above 65 years of age. I am happy now, and I will also be able to go on the pilgrimage with my family”, he added


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