JUST IN: Kwara Announces 2019 Hajj Fare

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Executive Secretary of Kwara State Pilgrims Board Alh Mohammed Tunde Jimoh Making a remarks during hajj events.  Archive photo


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Kwara State Muslim Pilgrim Board said announced 2019 hajj fare of N1,528.5559:10  inclusive of $800 BTA for intending pilgrims from Kwara state.

A statement signed by the boards information officer Mrs Falilat Jumoke Jimoh said that “The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria has approved a sum of N1,528.5559:10 as 2019 Hajj Fare for intending to Saudi Arabia from Kwara State.


“The Executive Secretary of the board, Alh Mohammed Tunde Jimoh said “the fare for each State was jointly determined by both the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria and official of the 36 States Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board.”

According to Alh Tunde Jimoh the approved of 2019  Hajj Fare for  Kwara intending Pilgrims including, Airfare, Accommodation, Transportation, and other logistics to Pilgrims both in Mecca and Medina. The statement said all the intending Pilgrims will receive flat rate 800 US  dollars as individuals B.T.A.


The statement also “directed all intending Pilgrims from the state who had already made deposits of #1.3million to the Board to complete their payment immediately for the Board to meet up with the 15Th June closing date fixed by NAHCON.


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