Kwara Pilgrims Boss calls for end to sponsoring of sick people to Hajj                                        

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The Executive Secretary of Kwara state Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board, Alh Tunde Jimoh has advice those who intend to sponsor Pilgrims to 2020 Hajj not to sponsor sick people in the interest of the beneficiary.


Tunde Jimoh gave the advice when he held an operational meeting with coordinators in all the 16 local government Area and Hajj registration Officers across the State.


“If we look at the way sick pilgrims are suffering in Saudi Arabia one will pity them. He said gone are the days when Saudi Arabia takes full responsibility of sick pilgrims visiting the kingdom”.


The Executive further emphasize that pilgrims who deliberately travel with the intention of seeking medical attention will not be attended to expect pilgrims who felt sick during the course of performing hajj.


Tunde said “hose who want to seek for better medical attention to their ailments should travel on their own instead of using hajj as a cover to seek for medical attention”


Meanwhile, the board has advises aged intending pilgrims intends to travel with the Kwara in 2020 hajj to ensure that they are accompanied by their blood relation who will take good care of them in Saudi Arabia.


“Because of the rigorous nature of Hajj exercise, the aged or old people are always helpless and could not fulfil all their Hajj obligations and other Spiritual and religious activities while at the Holy land.


The Executive Secretary, therefore, advises the Coordinators to be Honest with their client and to fear Allah in their dealing with their Pilgrims.


The Board use the opportunity to thank the State Government who for the first time sponsored some State Medical team who really assisted the board to take some challenges encountered by the sick people.



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