National Medical Team Need To Address Language Barrier– Gombe ES

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Executive Secretary of Gombe State Muslim Pilgrims Board, Alh Sa’ad Alhassan during the interview


The executive secretary of Gombe State Muslim Pilgrims Boards, Alh Sa’ad Hassan said the national medical team should review its activities with a view to close the gap of language barriers usually experienced by states pilgrims with view to ensure that only medical personnel that can relate with pilgrims in his/her mother tongues are deployed to serve in such states in future.


Alh Hassan makes this recommendation during an interview with INDEPENDENT HAJJ REPORTERS, in his Makkah office located in Gombe pilgrims accommodation in Makkah

Mr Hassan who spoke on a wide range of issues like feeding, space in Mina stated that “another issue that is challenging to us is the issue of Medical team. That medical team that is centralized though, NAHCON has its reason. In their wisdom, they feel that if each state are allowed to have their medical team the number will be too large for the ministry of Hajj in Saudi Arabia to accept. That is why they centralize it and asks states to nominate Doctors and Nurses to be part of the team”.


The Executive Secretary, however, said that “sometimes you have a problem of sending a Doctor who cannot communicate properly with the pilgrims to that states and that is a very a serious challenges. I raised that issue in the meeting. These are some of the issues that we have to improve.


Full text of the interview will be published in the Special Edition of Hajj Reporters Hajj 2019 Magazine soon.



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