Pakistan received Rs.1.17 billions on 5-year Hajj Saving Scheme – Minister

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ISLAMABAD: Minister of religious affairs Noor-ul-Haq Qadri on Monday said that the government received Rs. 1.17 billion as interests on the amount deposited by Hajj pilgrims during the last five years.

In a written reply to a question submitted in the National Assembly, the religious affairs minister told that the detail of per head expenditure for Hajj 2020 is based on the rates of accommodation charges.

The minister told those compulsory Hajj dues, additional service charges and train charges etc. to be provided by the Director-General (DG) Hajj, Jeddah and airfare to be decided with the airlines.

Noor-ul-Haq Qadri further told that the survey of the buildings is underway and agreements with the different departments of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are also under process. Therefore, the estimated expenditure is yet to be determined.

The minister said that the government received Rs. 210 millions as interest on the deposits made by Hajj pilgrims in 2018.

The amount of profit/interest is spent on the welfare activities of pilgrims such as purchase of vaccine for Hujjaj, training of Hujjaj, procurement of medicine for Hujjaj (other than vaccine) and Media campaign through Print and Electronic Media and printing of Hajj material and budgetary allocation to the Directorate General of Hajj, Jeddah and Directorate of Hajj in Pakistan etc.


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