Pakistani Lady Completes World’s First Hand Stitched Quran In 32 Years

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The World’s first ever hand stitched Quran is completed by a Pakistani woman named Naseem Akhtar. She has the honour of stitching the first ever Holy Quran. The creation is a masterpiece and reflects her hardwork, persistence, dedication and love for Islam and the Holy Quran.

“I started stitching the Quran with full determination without fearing  about how long it will take to complete,” she said.“I am thakful to the Almighty for giving me enough courage to complete the noble task. I am so happy with it. I have never been happier in my entire life.”

It took 32 long years to complete the masterpiece.  Naseem Akhtar was a young  lady when the idea suddenly strikes in her  ind and she started working  executing it. However, she didn’t know her project would take decades to complete. She has no regret for putting hardwork  for the sake of Allah and Quran. According to Naseem Akhtar, nothing in her life has given her this much satisfaction and happiness as much the completion of this work has given to her. She is thankful to Allah for it.


The weight of the Holy Quran stitched by Naseem is 60 kilograms and is made out of cotton cloth. It also has golden embroidery which gives it perfection. The cover page has silk border and she has chosen the same pattern for each chapter. At the initial of each chapter, there is a separate cover page. Further, she stitched all the verses of the Quran in lively green color. This is all her hardwork by hand only without use of any machine. She hasn’t even taken help from anyone for this purpose. She completed all the Quran by her own.

Above all she stitched the Quran while remaining in the state of Ablution(Wudu) that directly represents her dedication towards her work.

Naseem Akhtar currently resides in Gujrat in Pakistan. When the Saudi Officials listened the news that khan has written a handmade Quran that’s a masterpiece, they invited her to Saudi Arabia.

Akhter’s stitched Quran is currently at the Holy Quran Exhibition of Madina. People can view her creation at the mueseum. If you will take an exit from Gate 5 of Majid al Nabawi, you will find it on the left side.

She happily donated the copy of her hand stitched Holy Quran in the mueseum of the Holy city of Madinah. Her entire family is proud of her hard work and dedication to Islam.


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