Rawdah Al Shareef to reopen after 7 months

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The Ministry of Interior announced the resumption of Umrah and visit to Masjid Al Haram gradually and also has announced the resumption of visit and prayers in “The Garden of Paradise” (Al Rawdah Ash Shareefah).

Prayers, visits and Salams (The complete Old Mosque) near the Rawdah of Prophet (PBUH) and His Rightly guided Caliphs (R.A) were suspended earlier this year in March as a precautionary measure against the spread of COVID-19 as usually these areas are crowded with believers.

Visitors will need to book their time slot for visit in the Rawdah in advance through
the app “اعتمرنا” starting today and with visits starting from October 18th.
The lifting of the suspension comes after the Kingdom’s initiative to lift all restrictions relating to COVID-19 precautionary measures by January 1st 2020.


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