Return Airlift: 102 passport counters operating in Madinah airport

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 The first batch of pilgrims took off from Prince Muhammad Bin Abdul Aziz International Airport for their respective countries on Saturday. The pilgrims left the Prophet’s City after paying homage to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and praying at his mosque.

The pilgrims were seen off by a number of officials who presented them with token gifts consisting of flowers and dates.

The Madinah passports department (Jawazat) has established as many as 102 passport counters equipped with computers and forgery detecting devices to facilitate the departure procedures of the pilgrims.

Acting Director of the Jawazat, Brig. Badr Al-Mutairi, said as many as 775 Jawazat officials consisting of officers, privates and men and women staff were implementing the operational plan.

He said the Jawazat staff included 63 women in addition to 23 seasonal female employees who were rigorously trained before being allowed to take up their jobs.

The Jawazat has set up 10 passport desks for the disabled and the old pilgrims to complete their travel procedures easily.


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