Saudi Arabia Minister of Hajj Lauds Abdullahi Mukhtar, Organize farewell

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The Saudi Arabian Minister of Hajj and Umrah has commended the tremendous improvements in hajj operations in Nigeria and commended the leadership of Nigeria Hajj mission under Barr Abdullahi Mukhtar Muhammed.


The Saudi Arabian Minister of Hajj and Umrah who led the Saudi delegation in the signing ceremony noted that he had been Deputy Minister of Hajj 20 years ago before rising to become present Minister and is, therefore, a witness to the tremendous progress that Hajj affairs have attained in Nigeria.

The Minister made the remarks during the signing of Hajj 2020 MOU with the Nigeria delegation in Saudi Arabia.

In the same vein, The Saudi Arabia establishment for pilgrims of non-Arab countries has organised a farewell for the Ag NAHCON Chairman, Barr Abdullahi Mukhtar Muhammed, MON.  The body responsible for providing services for pilgrims from non-Arab countries commends the sterling leadership qualities of Abdullahi Mukhtar Muhammed and organize the cutting of a cake specifically baked to bade farewell to the Nigeria hajj administrator




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