Summary of Friday Sermon from the Prophet’s Mosque (11 December 2020)

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Sheikh Dr. Hussein bin Abdulaziz Al-Sheikh, Imam and Preacher of the Prophet’s mosque, explained in his Friday sermon today that one of the most dangerous paths human beings do is to harm Allah’s creation and cause pain to them unjustly.

And his eminence added that unleashing one self’s to hurt others does not come except for those who are weak in faith, submissive to whims and desires, led by falsehood and the soul guided by evil and immorality.

O Muslim, refrain from mischief and shun your passions from the evil, embrace and take advantage of this world, not of others. Allah says “As for those who abuse believing men and women1 unjustifiably, they will definitely bear the guilt of slander and blatant sin.”

His eminence affirmed his stance by quoting Al-Fadhil Ibn Ayad said: “it is not permissible for you to hurt a dog or a pig without right, so how who is the most generous creature”, he has intensified the Sharia established by the Prophet, Allah’s peace be upon him who said

“O whoever embraces Islam with his tongue and does not lead to faith in his heart, do not harm Muslims, do not reproach them, and do not follow their shame, for he who follows the nakedness of his Muslim brother follows God’s nakedness, and whoever follows God will expose him even in the depths of his journey”

And his eminence also said, “In today’s world on the so-called social media channels many use to make fun of to harm Muslims and so-called “expose” to their rulers, scholars, individuals, and societies using immoral words and malicious rumors, so let them remember that Allah is lying in wait for them and that the balance awaits to good the bad, so let them beware that they will meet their Lord while they are in bankruptcy. We ask Allah for forgiveness and wellness.

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