ZamZam Cured The Tumor Of A Man, Read His Story!

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Zamzam water is a sacred thing for all the Muslims around the world as it is scientifically proven that Zamzam water is one of the purest forms of water available on earth.


This is a true story of a Bosnian man who has gotten his tumor cured with the help of Zamzam water.

Nihad J. from Sarajevo at the age of 32, had been diagnosed with a Liver Tumor, and it was severe. Doctors had lost all hopes to cure his tumor and asked him to count his days. In 2006, his tumor started spreading, doctor given him a little time, and said if the transplant has not done then you will be losing your life. He tried everything but couldn’t find anything which can make his transplant sooner as he was running out of time.

During these days he had gotten attached to his faith. After losing all the hopes of getting recovered, in 2007 he decided to go for Hajj as his one last wish. But he never knew that it was the place where he will find the cure for this incurable illness!


He met an imam there, who was from Visoko ( the city in Bosnia, near Sarajevo). That imam noticed that the feet of that man are shorter than other people who came for Hajj. That imam asked him about his health, and that man told him everything about his tumor.

That imam said you have come to the right place! he told him about the healing properties of ZamZam. And that imam asked that man to drink it with an intention of healing.


For 6 days and night, that man only drank Zamzam water. No food or no other thing such as ordinary water, just the Zamzam water he consumed. And upon his arrival, he went for a checkup to know how many days he had left, after tests the doctors were shocked to notice that his tumor was completely gone.


Now, in 2017, is happily living his life in Bosnia and living a completely healthy life, all of this had become possible by the help of Allah (SWT).

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