NAHCON Chairman: Oyo Muslim Community Lauds PMB, urge support for Barr Zikrullah

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The Muslim Community Of Oyo State is elated by the appointment of Barrister  Zhikrullah Kunle Hassan as the first Southerner to occupy the position of the Chairmanship of National  Hajj Commission.

“After the National Assembly approved the hajj commission the two occupiers before  Barrister  Hassan were all veterans of the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria. Both Alhaj Muhammad  Musa Bello  now Minister  of Federal  Capital  Territory, the first chairman  of NAHCON  and his successor”

Barrister  Mukhtar Abdullahi were prominent members of the Muslim  Students  Society Of Nigeria.  We cannot congratulate  Barrister Hassan yet because he is occupying the position with the image not only as a veteran of the Muslim Students Society of  Nigeria but a former  National  President of the organisation.  Congratulating him is analogous to applauding a surgeon on his way to the theatre.

The surgeon would deserve accolades when he comes out of the theatre with a smile  that epitomizes  the success  of the  surgery

Therefore what the new chairman needs is a lot of prayers so that at the end of his sojourn in office and makes a success of the assignment we would roll out the drums and red carpet of celebration.

Barrister  Hassan is experienced in the hajj industry.  He was two years a member of Lagos state pilgrims board the state of his domicile and eight years the Sole Administrator and Amirul hajj of the state of Osun his state of origin where he performed excellently well showing the traits of an MSSN trainee.

The only  difference  is that a National  assignment  is a different  ball game from the state but we are  optimistic  with prayers and support  of the entire  Umma he would take Hajj exercise to the highest pinnacle  of success  comparable to the emulatable standard  of the best countries  in hajj administration namely  Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran and Turkey

“We must show gratitude to our President  Muhammad  Buhari who has shamed his critics who robbed him with the regalia of being a tribal jingoist and an ethnic chauvinist and an extreme parochialist. I want to say without any fear  of being contradicted that there was no protestations from  the South  West that we want a southerner to occupy this position nor did Barrister  Hassan lobbied anybody in government for this appointment.

“It came from detrabilised Muhammad  Buhari who believes in fairness and equity. Muslims in this country are United also because of the exemplary, dynamic and unprecedented leadership of the Sultan who since he came on board  had been building bridges of understanding among Muslims all over the country that some of his saducers and armchair critics accuse him of being a nomadic  Sultan who is too extrovertic.  They prefer a leader who would be playing god and hiding in his cocoon”.

Let me once  again appeal to the entire  Ummah  to cooperate  with the NAHCON Chairman Barrister  Zhikrullah  Hassan  and fervently  remember  him in prayers  that  he may be a success  story

May Allah cement  the unity of the Umma of Islam

Ishaq  Kunle  Sanni

Chairman  Muslim  community   of  Oyo  state

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