Al Salem Johnson Controls Celebrates 30 Years of Building Management System (METASYS)

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Jeddah: Al Salem Johnson Controls, a pioneering provider of integrated HVAC-R Solutions, Building Management Systems and Controls, celebrated the 30th anniversary of its innovative Building Management System, METASYS. Over the past three decades, METASYS has continuously upgraded its performance to offer enhanced flexibility, sustainability and productivity, thereby boosting its energy efficiency contribution to preserving the environment.

Dr. Mohanad Al Shaikh, CEO of Al Salem Johnson Controls for Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon and Yemen, pointed out that “the industry-leading performance of the METASYS Building Management System at the local and global level is due to its ability to converge IT networks with multiple buildings’ communication technologies, in addition to providing a great user experience that displays information in a logical manner, helping the user to easily identify faults and operational problems, and take appropriate decisions, accordingly”. He added “the system offers a unique experience as it is easy to learn and has the ability to be monitored and controlled from anywhere using smart devices”.

METASYS ensures that different building systems, including HVAC, lighting, security management and fire protection, can all be interconnected and work together as an integrated unit, through a unified monitoring platform. It also uses the latest wireless technologies, including Zigbee and Wi-Fi, to connect to the hard-to-reach systems, such as HVAC equipment located inside false ceilings.

Dr. Mohanad Al Shaikh, CEO

Among the advantages of the METASYS System is the seamless integration of the equipment and units – regardless of the manufacturer. The System has been designed in compliance with international standard technologies, with the application of the best information security techniques, and encryption of communications, to preserve any organization’s data and protect its networks from penetration. In doing so, METASYS helps facility managers achieve their strategic goals of increasing operational efficiency and rationalizing energy consumption, while providing a safe and comfortable working environment for the building occupants. It also guarantees owners and investors in different construction sectors to preserve the value of their properties, while achieving the best return on investment throughout the facility life cycle.

Among the leading projects that have adopted the METASYS Building Management System is Princess Nourah Bint Abdul Rahman University in Riyadh. Al Salem Johnson Controls was tasked with engineering, supplying and operating the integrated Building Management System for the central heating and cooling plant, facilities, services, residential and educational buildings on the campus. The campus-wide integrated Building Management System includes the integration of fire alarm, utility, lighting control, security, SCADA and energy monitoring systems; through more than 320,000 data points, monitored and controlled from the command and control center, as well as from mobile devices.

Other notable entities that use the METASYS include: Al-Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University (Riyadh), King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences (Riyadh), Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital (Jeddah), and the Saudi German Hospital (Dammam).

History of METASYS

It should be noted that Johnson Controls International developed METASYS in 1990, and quickly gained leadership in the industry, due to the high efficiency of the system. A personal computer was used as the host of the Building Management System, to promote open protocols. In 2003, the system was radically developed to become one of the first Building Management Systems that could be accessed via a web browser. Since then, the company has been keen to study and develop the capabilities of a modern Building Management System. Thousands of hours of research and development were invested in the process, until in 2013, five key elements were adopted in system development, namely: systems integration, cybersecurity, building efficiency, user experience, and ease and simplicity of work flow. The Company is currently carrying out many developments and enhancements on the different versions of the system in order to provide the best solution for building management.


About Al Salem Johnson Controls

Al Salem Group of Companies in Saudi Arabia joined arms with YORK’s mother company “Johnson Controls”, a leading multi-industrial company and a pioneer provider of integrated solutions that incorporate HVAC equipment, fire and security systems, building management systems and controls, for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt & Yemen.

Known as Al Salem York, we are proud to be one of the first companies in the Kingdom to provide sustainable solutions through products & services that not only optimize energy use, but also improve comfort and security levels. We are pleased to hold the reigns as the biggest supplier of air conditioners in the region. We envision becoming the leaders of market growth in our business; to hold the first rank in each section of the manufacturing & control categories.

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