Eco-friendly electric buses start operating at Madinah airport

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Environmentally-friendly buses started operation at Prince Muhammad International Airport in Madinah on Thursday.


This is the first time eco-friendly buses, which are fully powered by electricity, are being operated at any of Saudi Arabia’s airports.


The buses are equipped with many advanced technical facilities including four cameras to document all information and happenings taking place inside.

The buses were tested for the highest standards to ensure the safety and security of passengers at airports. The buses are about nine meters long and can cover more than 300 kilometers before recharging, which takes less than two hours.


The SAS (Saudi American Solar) buses are characterized for being very quiet and preserving the environment, and they do not emit any pollutants, especially carbon. The bus features a sturdy and lightweight structure made of aluminum. It is also equipped with batteries that operate a unique water-cooling system to increase the battery life and enhance its efficiency to maximum levels even in high external temperatures.


The bus has an advanced and highly efficient air conditioning system from the inside, as well as display screens that show all the details of the journey. The bus has an area designated for people with special needs, which gives them the feature of safe self-mobility.


The launch of the electric bus service comes as part of a series of goals of the Tibah Airports Operation Co., which aims to promote greater reliance on clean energy and green buildings, in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.


The Madinah airport is the first airport in the world outside the United States that was approved by the US Green Building Council, and it met all the requirements of the LEED Certification. The airport also received the first place award for environmental excellence for the year 2018 from the Madinah Region Development Authority.




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