Ghanaian Hajj Pilgrims In Tears As Airline Rejects Excess Hand Luggage

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Hajj pilgrims returning from their spiritual journey on Thursday faced a heart-wrenching moment as the Flynas airline ferrying them refused to accommodate their excess hand luggage.

Traveling with Flynas, a popular airline with Lion on it, many pilgrims were left in tears as they bid farewell to their personal belongings that did not meet the airline’s strict baggage requirements.

The emotional scenes unfolded on a particular flight operated by flynas ferrying the Ghanaian pilgrims, leaving the them devastated as they had to part with cherished items that had accompanied them on their pilgrimage.

The cabin crew firmly stood their ground, refusing to allow the additional bags on board the last flight to Tamale.

Some of the passengers particularly the women engaged in qeer behaviour carrying the excess luggage on their back to their derision.


Speaking on the incident, an anonymous Ghanaian pilgrim revealed their disappointment, saying, “We were informed beforehand that we could bring one piece of hand luggage weighing no more than 7kg. But upon reaching the airport, they suddenly declared that the size had to be smaller. Some of us had already packed and were unaware of the change. It’s heart-breaking to leave behind items we carried from Ghana.”

Amidst this emotional turmoil, it was observed that some Nigerian pilgrims on the using the same airline found amusement in the situation, even laughing at their Ghanaian counterparts. However, the Hajj Board assured all pilgrims that their main baggage had been properly loaded and would be safely transported back to Ghana via Tamale.

Although this incident marked a minor setback, overall, the return journey has been commended for its seamless and well-organized transportation process. The Hajj Board has been dedicated to providing continuous support and assistance until all pilgrims safely make it back to Ghana.

Leading the Hajj Board’s efforts, Chairman Ben Abdallah Banda bid farewell to the initial group of Ghanaian pilgrims as they prepared to return home after completing the 2023 Hajj in Saudi Arabia. With over 4,000 pilgrims participating in this year, a series of ten flights have been scheduled to transport them back to Tamale and Accra.

Chairman Banda himself accompanied the pilgrims on their first flight to Tamale from Jeddah Airport, expressing congratulations for their successful Hajj and emphasizing the significance of their spiritual experience.
This personal involvement further highlighted the commitment of the Hajj Board to ensure the pilgrims’ safe return.

The presence of board members Abdul Aziz Haruna Futa, Masaudu Osman, Ahmed Abdulai Abu, and Alhaji Yunus Osman alongside Chairman Banda emphasized the importance placed by the Hajj Board on supporting and facilitating the safe return of the pilgrims.

The completion of the Hajj pilgrimage signifies a profound spiritual journey for Ghanaian Muslims, and the meticulous planning and dedication exhibited by the Hajj Board have greatly contributed to the overall success of this year’s operations.


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