Hajj 2022: 6,310 illegal pilgrims arrested; 84 bogus campaigns busted

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Lt. Gen. Muhammad Al-Bassami, director of Public Security and head of the Hajj Security Committee, said that the security forces have arrested 6310 people for attempting to perform Hajj without a permit. Punitive measures are being be taken against the violators, he said.

Al-Bassami said that the security authorities have busted as many as 84 bogus Hajj campaigns in raids carried out in various regions of the Kingdom. Those who were behind these campaigns were arrested and referred to the Public Prosecution. “As of Monday, July 11, a total of 72503 vehicles that were carrying unauthorized persons to enter Makkah and the Holy Sites were sent back. A total of 27 people were arrested for transporting people with no Hajj permit and they were referred to the seasonal administrative committees under the General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) at the entrances to Makkah in order to carry out punitive measures against them,” he said.


Al-Bassami stated that the Hajj security forces have implemented the security and organizational plans related to Hajj with high efficiency and professionalism. The forces have supervised over the past few days the plans to group pilgrims while they are traveling between the Holy Sites and the Grand Mosque to perform their rituals. The Hajj security forces also cordoned off the entry points to Makkah in order to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the Holy Sites to perform the annual pilgrimage of Hajj.



Meanwhile, the seasonal administrative committees under Jawazat at the entrances to Makkah have issued 27 administrative decisions against a number of violators for transporting unauthorized persons to perform Hajj.


The decisions included imprisonment, fine, naming and shaming, deportation of the violating expatriates, and demanding the court to confiscate vehicles used in the transportation. It is noteworthy that the seasonal administrative committees were working around the clock to pronounce instant penalties against violators of Hajj regulations and instructions.



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