Hajj 2024: South African Hajj Council to Refund pilgrims for Tent services

by admin

The South Africa Hajj and Umrah council has announced a refund of three million, forty-nine thousand forty-one riyals and Seventy halala for 2024 hajj pilgrims from South Africa as Ex gratia for tent services 

A short statement posted on its social media handles today said “SAHUC is pleased to announce that both the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah as well as Ithraa Alkhair (Service Provider) has agreed to an ex gratia payment for the 3500 pilgrims of South Africa for Hajj Season 2023/1444

Therefore, pilgrims who were in CAMP A special services will receive an amount of SAR7000 (seven thousand Saudi riyals per hajj while pilgrims who were in CAMP D will receive an amount of SAR690.89 (Six hundred and ninety Saudi Riyals and eighty-nine halalas) per hajj

It is important to note that Ex gratia is a Latin term that means “by favour” or “by virtue of grace”. It is used to describe something that is done or given voluntarily, out of kindness or generosity, rather than because it is required by law. An ex gratia payment is a payment made without the giver recognising any liability or legal obligation1

SAHUC would like to thanks Ithraa Al khair and the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah for making this possibility, the statement added.

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