Pakistani 2024 Hajj pilgrim welcomes baby boy in Medina

by admin

A Pakistani Hajj pilgrim gave birth to a healthy baby boy in Medina Munawara, ARY News reported on Friday. 

As per details, a couple hailing from Balochistan welcomed baby boy in Madina Munawara, who were in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Hajj 2024.

The lady doctors of Pakistan Hajj Medical Mission assisted the birth of the baby. The couple was invited to Pakistan House by the officers of Religious ministry.

During the visit, the newborn baby was given gifts by the Pakistani officials.

Earlier on June 15 it was reported that a Pakistani pilgrim gave birth to a healthy baby boy at Jabalur Rahma Hospital in the Arafat field.

This was first birth in Arafat field in 2024, adding a unique moment to the spiritual journey of millions of Muslims.

The mother, who chosen to remain anonymous and declined to have her picture taken, delivered her baby in the 37th week of pregnancy. The newborn, weighing 3 kg and 40 grams, was in good health according to hospital sources.

The medical team, led by the doctor in charge of the delivery, confirmed that both the mother and baby are doing well and have been kept under observation for further examination.


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