Indonesia Ministry prepare Mitigation Plan for 2021 Hajj and Umrah

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TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Acting Director-General of Hajj and Umrah of the Religious Affairs Ministry, Oman Fathurahman, said his side has started to prepare mitigation plans for hajj and umrah pilgrimage in 2021.

“The Religious Affairs Minister orders us to immediately conduct consolidation to map the priority of upcoming programs that must be done within the next three months,” said Oman as quoted from the press release on Wednesday, October 21.

Oman reiterated that mapping and determining the priority scale of programs are necessary for the preparation of the implementation of the pilgrimage given the relatively short time. “By considering aspects of significance and urgency,” he added.

He revealed that the strategic issues and priorities programs include the implementation of umrah pilgrimage and the preparation of hajj pilgrimage in 2021.

“We are prioritizing strategic programs that have vital impacts on the Directorate General. We are facing great challenges. The preparation must be started seriously from now on,” said Oman.

The Saudi Arabia government has allowed umrah pilgrimage for its citizens and residents in the kingdom following months-long closure caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Saudi would also announce which countries permitted to send pilgrims in line with the reopening of its international flights.

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