Islamic scholar lauds Nigerian Pilgrims, Speaks on visiting Madina

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Nigerian pilgrims in the holy land have again been commended for being patient, obedient and respect for laid down rules and regulations.

An Islamic scholar from Kaduna State, Ustaz Shu’aibu Salihu Zaria made the commendation in an interview with NAHCON media team  in Madinah.

He said, generally the pilgrims are putting into practice what they learnt during the orientation exercises carried out for them by their respective Hajj administrators.

Giving Islamic perspective to Tuesday’s NAHCON directive that pilgrims would only be spending five days in Madinah instead of eight days, Ustaz Shu’aibu Salihu Zaria said there was no any authentic saying of the noble Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, specifying days for pilgrims in Madinah, saying visiting Madinah is a desired, not a compulsory, act, which is distinct from all Hajj rites.

The scholar, therefore advised both pilgrims and officials cooperate and obey the NAHCON directive even if they were to spend only a day, since what the Sunnah(teaching of the Prophet) enjoined a visitor to Madinah, was to pray in the Prophet Mosque and pay salutations to him, visit the Quba Mosque, and Mount Uhud to the pray for the martyrs of the battle of Uhud and also to visit the Baqi’a, saying all these could be accomplished within few hours.

He said depending on circumstances, a visitor is at liberty to spend anytime between an hour to days, weeks, months and even years in Madinah, since it is a matter of choice.

Ustaz Shu’aibu also called on both pilgrims, their officials, in particular, and all Muslims in general to fervently pray for peace, prosperity, progress and development of Nigeria during their five daily prayers and at special times and occasions in the holy land, or in Nigeria.

In view of the crowd and not to overstretch  facilities available to Nigerian pilgrims in Madinah, NAHCON has issued an advisory on Tuesday that pilgrims would only be spending five days in Madinah instead of the eight days before moving to Makkah.

The Commission said  the reduction of days was to ensure that all Nigerian pilgrims visited the Prophet City before Arafat.

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