Mina tents ready to receive 2023 Hajj pilgrims

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The tents of Mina have started to be prepared with all the equipment to receive pilgrims this Hajj season.

Speaking to Al-Arabiya, Mustafa Hadi, the general supervisor for one of the companies in Mina, stated that they have started preparing the camps in Mina.

The preparation includes the maintenance of electricity, plumbing, paints and gypsum works, preparing toilets inside the camps, in addition to the decorations.

He said that during the upcoming days, they will start equipping restaurants, as well as the tents with beds and blankets, and complete all the preparations inside the campus to receive Hajj pilgrims during the Tarwiyah (water provision) day and the three Tashriq days.

It is noteworthy that Mina cannot be inhabited except during the Hajj period, and it is located inside the holy sites borders between Makkah and Muzdalifah, 7 km far from the Holy Mosque.


Saudi Gazette

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