Despite Health Challenge, 107 years old Pilgrim vow to perform Hajj 

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107 old Sumiati



At 107 years old, Sumiati, a resident of Jombang, East Java, is determined to fly to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, next month to go on haj despite her declining health. Born on June 1, 1912, she is likely to be the oldest haj pilgrim from Indonesia this year. “Going on haj is one of the five pillars of Islam,” Sumiati told The Jakarta Post at her house in Ngoro district, Jombang. Sumiati suffers from heart problems.


During a haj rehearsal held by the local religious affairs office on Wednesday, she felt her hands turn cold before fainting. As a result, she failed to complete the rehearsal, which aims to prepare pilgrims for the rites and ceremonies of haj before they fly to Mecca in July. Her daughter, Tri Kuncorowati, could not help but shed tears at the thought of Sumiati going on the trip. Sumiati will be accompanied by her other daughter, who is herself 60 years old.

The Jakarta Post


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