Hajj 2024: Beware of ‘Scammers’ New Tactic, Tabung Haji warn pilgrims

by admin

The Haji Fund Board (TH) advises depositors and the public to always be alert to the tricks of ‘scammers’.

Tabung Haji in a press statement sent to HAJJ REPORTERS  said “irresponsible people (scammers) are now using tactics where they advertise investment schemes on social media such as Facebook and TikTok.

These ads will be linked with the WhatsApp application to further deceive people by promising high and fast profits.

The public, especially TH depositors , need to be careful not to easily believe and get entangled with investment offers that promise lucrative returns through dubious investment schemes.

TH always gives warnings and advice related to this matter to depositors on TH’s official communication platforms.

For any questions, you can contact the Tabung Haji Contact Center (THCC) at 03-6207 1919.




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