Hajj payment outside e-hajj platform is illegal – Saudi Minister of Hajj

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The Saudi Arabia Minister of hajj has said that any pilgrims hajj services payment made outside the e-hajj payment platform provided by the Kingdom will be deemed illegal and such payment will not be recognized by hajj service providers.


This information was disclosed by Vice Minister of Hajj and Umrah, Dr. AbdulFatah Mishat during a technical discussion session preparatory to the signing of the memorandum of understanding between Nigeria and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. According to the statement signed by NAHCON Heads of Public Affair Unit.

“Part of agreements reached for 2020 Hajj includes a strong reminder on the e-track registration guideline. The leader of the Saudi delegation re-emphasised that the Saudi Ministry of Hajj will not recognise any contractual agreement or payment done outside the e-track portal. Such is considered illegal and will not be recognised by the Kingdom.

Those who attended the technical session are: Deputy Minister of Hajj, Makkah and Deputy Minister of Ziyara Madina. Others on the Saudi Arabian table were representative of the Minister of Interior, MajeedAl’RakanAl’Ajami; representative of Immigration Department, Yusuf Muhammad An’namri; Deputy Minister in Charge of Madinah, Muhammad Ibn AbdulRahman Albijawi; Deputy Minister in Charge of Makkah Emirate, Fahad Munir Alkhuthami; representative from Madinah Emirate, TurkiIbn Barkai Abu Raba’a and Manager in Charge of Hajj and Umrah at the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), MazeenIbn Ahmad Bazuhair.


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