“Lady of the Earth’s Water .. “Zamzam”

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The boy, Ismail, gave ground to the ground; And the defeat of Gabriel with his wing explodes the spring; And he emigrated from the excess of joy with Salsabil water, and for fear that it might flow and get lost, before you can water the thirsty infant, it comes out with the words “Zim .. Zim”, to become Zamzam the food after taste for both drink, and the immortal Salsabil, inexhaustible.

They say toddlers: “We went back where we started”; But when we talk about the Lady of Water and in the times of the invasion of Corona, it seems that there is no return line to mimic the beginnings, but rather a renewal line that is parallel to the course of events.

Zamzam adequate healing; She knows the way to safety for the pilgrims of her home this year; Via small sterile plastic bottles of the category (200 ml), packed by a national company, it will be distributed to the guests of the antique house.

The goal of the small size of the package, as explained by “Hani Haider,” the official spokesman for the Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques: “We made sure that there was only one drink for the pilgrim, without any increase or decrease; Fearing circulation among the pilgrims, and to ensure safety, it will be distributed inside the holy sites.

In the corridors of the Great Mosque of Mecca, the matter is based on the same principle of ensuring safety. However, the small details give him another dimension, as the matter is subject to the ranks of the worshipers, the aura of the two sects around the Kaaba, and the course of the walkers between Safa and Marwah.

Haidar also stated in his speech: “Zamzam packages will be distributed by 450 workers, who have been checked and confirmed for their safety, and obligated to the precautions followed by wearing masks and gloves; Distributed on the corridors of the sanctuary, whether for prayer or tawaf, carrying 50 packages in each bag, to be distributed to the pilgrims.


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Thus, the waters of Zamzam ran through time, a history of sweetness that extends, from the crying of the thirsty child until the smile of Taif Al Rayyan, after the dose of the asceticism, and the reassurance of the heart


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