Saudi to introduce SR4 ticket price for Makkah Bus Nov. 1

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The General Transport Center under the Royal Commission for Makkah City and Holy Sites (RCMC) announced on Sunday that it will start collecting SR4 per ticket from passengers who avail of the Makkah Bus Project effective from Nov. 1.

Though RCMC officially launched the project on Sunday after the end of the trial period, the actual launching of its integrated paid services will begin on Nov. 1.


The fare of SR4 will cover all the integrated services it makes available to the beneficiaries. Special packages and prices will be available for various categories within time frames that suit all beneficiaries.

The Makkah Bus Project launched the integrated paid services, under the slogan “Together on the Path,” after the end of the trial period that benefited more than 100 million people. The free trial period started on February 15, 2022 and it will end by Oct. 31, 2023.

The center indicated that the launch of integrated services aims to improve quality within the framework of sustainable development, and to strive diligently to satisfy beneficiaries. Tickets will be available through several channels, such as the website, the official application for the project, and from ticket vending machines available throughout the holy city of Makkah.

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It is noteworthy that the Makkah Bus Project achieved success during the trial period during which it was able to serve the residents and visitors of Makkah through 12 routes, and for a distance extending more than 560 kilometers, through 400 buses and more than 800 drivers and 438 stations located all over the Makkah city.

The Makkah Bus project will contribute to serving the residents and visitors of Makkah and improving the quality of life by providing safe and fast buses on less crowded and more organized roads.

The project is part of a strategic plan aimed at improving public transport services within Makkah under the supervision of the RCMC. It contributes to preserving the safety of beneficiaries, and the ease and speed of their movement throughout Makkah, in addition to bringing down traffic congestion and harmful carbon emissions.


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