Yemeni who lost her 8 Children to Houthis performed Haj as King Salman’s guest

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MINA — Alya Zainullah, a 60-year old Yemeni woman, has lost all her eight sons to the Houthis but her profound grief was relieved when she was invited by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman to perform the Haj at his own personal expense.

“My sadness over the death of my sons and grandsons was intermingled with happiness when I received the king’s invitation to be one of his guests whom he invites every year for the Haj or Umrah,” she said.

Alya is from Maarib province in Yemen. She said the Haj has been her cherished dream all her life.

“I could not fulfill my dream due to my bad economic situation,” she said.

She said when she got married, the dream of coming to Makkah for the Haj became bigger and bigger but there was no way she could realize it.

“My husband was also poor so he was unable to send me to the Haj,” she said.

Alya said her sons promised to take her to the pilgrimage but death was faster than their promise.

“The Houthis took them one after the other. I lost all my eight sons. My grief has no boundaries but it was relieved by King Salman who helped me realize my dream,” she said.

She thanked the king for helping her realize her dream and the Saudi government and people for the great services extended to all the pilgrims.


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