Hajj 2024: Adamawa announce N4.5 million Deposit, set to refund “2023 hajj excess’ fare

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Press Release


In a press conference held Tuesday, the Permanent Secretary and Executive Secretary of the Adamawa State Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Commission, Malam Abubakar Salihu, provided the public with updates on the recently concluded Hajj 2023 pilgrimage. He also discussed the preparations for the upcoming 2024 pilgrimage and several other key announcements.


Malam Abubakar Salihu began by announcing the successful conduct of the Hajj 2023 pilgrimage, expressing his satisfaction with the overall outcome. He praised the efforts of Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri for the support and the Commission’s staff as well as the collaborative effort from various stakeholders, which contributed to the smooth execution of the Hajj operations.



Furthermore, the Executive Secretary emphasized the importance of transparency and accountability. He informed the pilgrims that the Commission has commenced the process of refunding their excess Hajj fare for the year 2023. This gesture demonstrates the Commission’s commitment to maintaining a high level of integrity in their operations.


Shifting the focus towards the upcoming Hajj 2024 pilgrimage, Malam Abubakar Salihu outlined the preparations being made by the Commission. He underscored the significance of early planning and urged intending pilgrims to start their deposit promptly. The Executive Secretary highlighted the need for thorough preparations to ensure a seamless and efficient experience for the pilgrims.


One notable announcement during the briefing was the requirement for intending pilgrims to deposit a sum of N4.5 million to secure their place for the Hajj 2024. Malam Abubakar Salihu explained that this deposit is necessary to ensure the commitment and dedication of all applicants, as well as to cover the initial costs associated with organizing the Hajj pilgrimage.


In an inspiring moment, the Executive Secretary also shared news regarding the prestigious Independent Hajj Reporters (IHR) awards.


Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has been recognized as the Best Support Governor Overall at the Hajj2023, and the Executive Secretary, Malam Abubakar Salihu clinched the prestigious Best States Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Commission Award on Pilgrims Enlightenment and Education, both were honored with awards of excellence by the IHR for their outstanding contributions to the development and advancement of Hajj operations in Adamawa State. This recognition serves as a testament to their leadership and dedication to the welfare of the pilgrims.


The briefing concluded with Malam Abubakar Salihu reiterating the Commission’s commitment to serving the pilgrims diligently and providing them with the best possible experience during their sacred journey. He encouraged intending pilgrims to stay updated through the Commission’s official channels and assured them that every effort is being made to make the Hajj 2024 pilgrimage a memorable and spiritually fulfilling experience.

As the Adamawa Muslim Pilgrims Commission continues its preparations for the upcoming 2024 pilgrimage, intending pilgrims and the wider public can remain assured that their religious obligations are being meticulously attended to, and their welfare is a top priority for the Commission.



Courtesy of:

Department of Public Communications and Pilgrims Enlightenment,



September 26, 2023.


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