Cameroon Islamic Associations denounce increase in 2019 Hajj expenses

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Some Islamic Associations in Cameroon have denounced the 2019 over 300,000 FCFA Hajj cost increase and called on the National Hajj Commission to look for a way out, reports have confirmed.


According to the Association of Young Muslims of Cameroon and the “Croissant Lunaire” Commission, the 2019 Hajj candidates will have to spend 2,529,000 FCFA, with an increase by 287,000 FCFA as compared to last year.

In a declaration received Thursday May 02, they expressed their discontentment. “We think that it would be better to renew last year’s cost of Cameroonian pilgrim’s journey to Saudi Arabia if it can’t be reduced” They said.

They equally condemned the attitude of National Hajj Commission officials who according to them took a unilateral decision. “Any increase in the cost of the pilgrimage should first be the subject of prior consultations.” As such, they called on authorities to reduce Hajj expenses for Cameroonians.

Some 2839 Cameroonians are expected to participate in this year’s pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, with an increase of 350 pilgrims as compared to 2018.

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