Saudi Announces SR3,465 fare for Domestic Economic Hajj Package

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 The Ministry of Haj and Umrah has chosen 20 local Haj companies to participate in the “economy 2 package” for this year’s Haj and made it imperative on them to be committed to a unified rate of SR3,465.

The ministry expected about 10,000 pilgrims to register in this package and said registration will start on Dhul Qada 1 (July 4).

It asked the companies to pay the fees for all the packages through electronic gate of the domestic pilgrims.

The ministry also asked the companies to start issuing Haj permits to citizens and expatriates.

The ministry has opened the e-gate as early as Ramadan 15 (May 20) for domestic pilgrims to browse the services and charges of the local Haj companies so as to choose the company most suitable to them.


Okaz/Saudi Gazette

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